Mahand Vibre

Tile machine, printing machine, vibrating sieve


The VLM line is a circular screener typically usedfor the separation of materials contained in liquids; used for dewatering, slurry processing, waste oil filtration, waste water processing or liquid solid separation.The units can operate with material with a temperature of up to 200˚C. It is very similar to the VLB line of sieves but the VLM has a sloped bottom in order to achieve greater capacity

Product description

Like the VLB model, the weights can be adjusted to allow the material to remain on the mesh for longer for a more efficient screening. The motor operates at 1,500 rpm to optimise separation and constantly self-cleans the mesh. This design minimises down time for cleaning and thereby maximises productivity. Reliability and high quality are the main characteristics for this line. All the units are offered with 1, 2, or 3 decks that can be fitted with mesh cleaning systems (such as balls or sliders) to de-blind and thereby increase screening efficiency.

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Mahand Vibre

Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mashhad

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Manufacturer, Exporter, Service provider


Tile machine, printing machine, vibrating sieve, Slip screening, Powder screening, Circular Screeners For Liquids

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